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We are the exclusive Polish distributor of oils and lubricants for the food industry, produced by the Swiss company STRUB.


STRUB oils and greases

swiss quality in the food industry

STRUB is an established lubricant brand with a global reach and a sales network in more than 60 countries that dates back to 1921 since when it has become synonymous with superior quality and product innovation.

STRUB produces an excellent range of lubricants for all applications in the food, cosmetic, packaging and pharmaceutical industries. The products are NSF-registered (H1) and certified by NSF to ISO 21469 and approved for use in areas where there is potential food contact.


best oils for the food industry

High standards

Manufactured to the highest food safety standards (HACCP)

Free from allergens

STRUB oils contain no animal, genetically modified raw materials and are allergen-free

Certified lubricants

Approved and certified to NSF, Halal and Kosher standards

Neutral and odorless

Are virtually odorless, taste-neutral and non-toxic

High viscosity index

Have very favorable viscosity-temperature characteristics

Temperature properties

Very good low- and high-temperature properties

Lubricating properties

Excellent lubricating properties – effective protection against abrasive wear


Good compatibility with sealing materials

Oxidation resistance and corrosion protection

High oxidation resistance and effective corrosion protection against steel, Al and Cu alloys

Resistance to evaporation

Low tendency to evaporation and coking

Long service life

Long service life, energy saving and low oil consumption

NSF H1 oils based on PAO bases

high purity

Strub oils, based on PAO (poly-alpha-olefin) bases, are characterized by high thermostability, i.e. excellent resistance to high temperatures. The ordered structure, based on homogeneous hydrocarbons, also influences oxidation resistance and composition stability, even at very high mileage.

stable maintenance of parameters, even in long service

Oils based on PAO bases maintain optimum parameter properties for a long time, even when operating under harsh conditions. Thanks to a very low freezing point, oils based on PAO bases behave perfectly not only at high temperatures, but also at low temperatures.

wide range of applications

STRUB Food Lube oils are designed for use in hydraulic systems, recirculating lubrication systems, lubrication of bearings, spindles, joints, chains of various types, guides, for metering devices, valves, pneumatic system components, oil mist lubrication, for screw and piston compressors (manufacturer’s requirements to be considered), as well as for vacuum pumps. Application temperature range: from -55°C to + 170°C.


STRUB offer

oils and lubricants approved for applications where incidental food contact is possible

Lubricants, certified by NSF in group H1, are approved for applications where incidental contact with food is possible. STRUB NSF H1 oils and lubricants are manufactured to the highest quality standards in facilities where a HACCP system has been implemented with its integral components in the form of a Quality and Hygiene Management System according to ISO 9001 and ISO 21469.

STRUB Food Chainlube 100 H1

Full-synthetic Hi-Tech grade oil for chain lubrication. It is characterized by high resistance to oxidation, effective corrosion protection and very good lubricating properties and penetration abilities. It is used to lubricate drive and conveyor chains, belts and pins.

STRUB Food Lube (15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 320)

Hi-Tech grade synthetic lubricating oils for food, beverage and feed applications. These oils are produced on the basis of special synthetic poly-alphaolefins (PAOs) of the highest purity. They are designed for use in hydraulic systems, circulating lubrication systems, lubrication of bearings, spindles, joints, chains of various types, guides, etc.

STRUB Food Lube S (32, 46, 68)

Hi-Tech lubricating oils for the food industry produced on the basis of white mineral oils, are a group of high-quality oils for use in the production of foodstuffs.|.

They are designed for use in hydraulic systems, circulating lubrication systems, lubrication of bearings, spindles, joints, chains of various types, guides, for dispensing equipment, etc.

Compressor oils

STRUB Food Comp (32, 46, 68, 100)

Hi-Tech class synthetic compressor oils for the food industry for use in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and packaging industries for the above products.

These oils are manufactured using special synthetic oil bases and additives with the appropriate approvals for these application areas. STRUB Food Comp oils are used in air compressors with oil-lubricated compression chambers, as well as in oil-injected screw and rotary screw compressors.

Gear oils

STRUB Food Gear (150, 220, 320, 460)

Hi-Tech grade synthetic gear oils based on poly-alpha-olefins, used in the production of foodstuffs, beverages and feedstuffs. They are used in gearboxes, circulating lubrication systems, for chain lubrication and in conveyors.


STRUB Food Grease CHT 2 PTFE

Multifunctional, high-quality synthetic lubricant with universal application in the food industry. Thickened with calcium sulfonate complex soap. Its production is based on selected, safe ingredients (FDA-approved) and meets the FDA requirements of 21 CFR 178.3570 for incidental food contact products.

STRUB Calor USDA H1 NLGI 00, 0, 1, 2

High-quality complex aluminum lubricant for the food industry. It stands out for its excellent lubricating abilities with extremely high mechanical stability, even at high ball bearing speeds and an operating temperature range of -20°C to +150°C. It is also characterized by very good water resistance with very high adhesion and high load-bearing capacity.

STRUB certifications

STRUB oils and lubricants are NSF-registered (H1) and certified by NSF in accordance with ISO 21469 and approved for use in areas where there is potential food contact. In addition, the products are certified under strict Kosher and Halal guidelines.



frequently asked questions

  • NSF stands for “National Sanitation Foundation” (now NSF International). It is a certification organization established in 1944, which is involved in a registration program for non-food compounds and proprietary substances, as well as the development of public health standards, testing, auditing and certification of products and services.

  • The H1 registration confirms that the product is suitable for applications where incidental food contact may occur. It defines products as “odorless, physiologically inert and suitable for technically unavoidable food contact up to 10 ppm” (part per million).

    In companies and factories where lubricant contact with food and beverages is possible, the use of NSF H1-certified lubricants helps eliminate potential contamination and risk.

    NSF H1 certification is also described in our article: Lubricants in the food industry. What is the NSF H1 standard?

  • Yes. We mainly focus on oils and lubricants for the food industry, but as an official Polish distributor, we have a full range of sales of STRUB brand products.

  • The easiest way – contact our Wholesale Oil and Lubricants Ecol office or our sales specialist. See the “contact us” section (below ↓).

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