Removal of oil deposits

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anti-varnish technologies

effective removal of oil deposits

We perform the service of removing varnish deposits (so-called varnishy) using Fluitec brand products. These are additives that are completely miscible with other lubricants and do not interfere with their performance, but only improve the solubility of varnish deposits.

The purpose of Fluitec brand products is to increase the oil’s ability to dissolve oil deposits, reverse aging processes, and keep the entire oil system clean.

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industrial dissolution of oil deposits

Oil deposits dissolving (varnish) service is a process that aims to effectively remove varnish deposits, or contaminants that can accumulate in oil. Varnish deposits are substances of organic origin that form as a result of oil degradation or chemical reactions occurring in lubrication or hydraulic systems.

During an oil sludge dissolving service, specialized chemicals known as varnish solvents are added to the oil to dissolve and remove accumulated sludge. These products react with the sludge and disperse it in the oil for easy removal.

why remove oil deposits

Removing oil sludge is critical to maintaining optimal performance and durability of lubrication and hydraulic systems. Oil sludges, also known as varnish deposits, are organic contaminants that can accumulate in oil through degradation or chemical reactions. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to their removal and keeping the oil clean.

improving oil quality

Removal of varnish deposits contributes to improved oil quality, which in turn translates into better protection and performance of machinery.

increase component life

Removing varnish deposits increases the life and durability of lubrication or hydraulic system components.

minimizing the risk of damage

By eliminating deposits, the risk of damage due to blockages or clogged lines is reduced.

improving performance

Removal of oil deposits contributes to improved system performance. It lowers oil flow resistance, increases pump efficiency and reduces energy consumption.


oil sludge removal – frequently asked questions

  • Oil deposits, also known as varnish, is organic contamination that can accumulate in oil through degradation or chemical reactions.

  • Varnish deposits can cause many problems, such as clogged lines, increased friction and wear, oil deterioration, corrosion and damage to system components.

  • The formation of varnish deposits can be caused by various factors, such as high temperature, oil degradation, the presence of chemicals or unsuitable system operating conditions.

  • The frequency of the oil sludge dissolution process depends on many factors, such as the type of industrial application, the type of oil and the degree of contamination. It is usually recommended to regularly monitor the condition of the oil and carry out the process of dissolving sludge as needed.


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