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For more than 30 years, we have been providing comprehensive cleaning, lubrication, diagnostic and distribution solutions. We share our knowledge and experience. We provide active maintenance for companies, businesses and workplaces in Poland and around the world.

Ecol’s business profile

We provide
an effective maintenance system

Our services guarantee achieving planned operational reliability and durability, at the lowest operating costs of machinery and equipment.

The service system offered by our company includes tasks related to the management and the implementation of lubrication management in the assets of industrial enterprises, as well as supporting tasks involving the preparation of lubrication systems of machinery and equipment for start-up or during the renovation.

Ecol also performs all kinds of services related to hydrodynamic, mechanical and chemical cleaning for construction and repair of machinery, equipment and industrial installations.



Kazimierz Majka
founder of the Ecol company

Kazimierz Majka- the initiator and founder of the Ecol Company, its longtime CEO. In 1978 he developed and implemented in the Rybnik Power Plant a unique system of lubrication management for machinery and equipment, the main element of which was the implementation of all lubrication tasks for all machinery and equipment of the power plant by the Oil Management Department, managed by him.

This branch managed and ran the oil and lubrication service of the power plant including lubrication documentation, task planning, ordering, management and storage of oils and lubricants, implementation of all lubrication procedures, as well as operation and technical maintenance of oil management facilities and oil installations of the power plant.

the management board

Company authorities

Board of Directors of Ecol Sp. z o.o.

Meet the management

Wojciech Majka

CEO, Managing Director


Krzysztof Wojtyczka

Executive Vice President, Director of Sales and Marketing

the beginnings of the company

The beginnings of Ecol


After 1987, the activities of the Oil Management Department of the Rybnik Power Plant were expanded to include the cleaning of oil systems and the maintenance of the industrial cleaning during ongoing repairs.


At the beginning of 1991, restructuring of the organization of the power plant’s overhaul services began at the “Rybnik” Power Plant.


On December 12, 1991, Company Ecol was established and entrusted with the repair, maintenance and lubrication services, as well as the distribution of fuels, oils and lubricants for the “Rybnik” Power Plant.


From 9.03.1992, Ecol Sp. z o.o. started its business activity and since then it also started distribution of oils, lubricants for power industry in cooperation with Jaslo Refinery and Jedlicze Refinery and distribution of heating oil in cooperation with Petrochemia Plock.


The year 1993 was a milestone in the development of Ecol. In 1993 Ecol performed hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing of the oil system of a turbine-generator being modernized at the Rybnik Power Plant by Westinghouse, which contributed to the development of this Ecol service product for power and heavy industry.


In 1993, there was also a need for a better turbine oil for the oil system. To this end, Ecol initiated cooperation with the Gdansk Refinery, which produced for us an excellent new-generation turbine oil called Remiz.


Distribution of Remiz turbine oil became the driving force behind Ecol’s development in the Polish energy sector, while hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing of oil systems with innovative Westinghouse technology started in 1994 outside the Rybnik Power Plant in the foreign market in the Czech Republic and became the second driving force behind Ecol’s business activities. Both of the company’s products are being systematically developed.


Another milestone in Ecol’s development was in 2003, when, after the company’s founders bought back the shares of “Elektrownia Rybnik” from EdF Poland, Ecol became a private company with exclusively Polish capital.

quality policy

Policy of Integrated Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Management System

We ensure that the policy of Integrated Management System meeting the requirements of the standards: PN-­EN ISO 9001:2015, PN-EN ISO 14001:2015, PN-EN ISO 45001:2018-06, PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02 and SCC Petrochemical.

Quality Policy

key events

key events
in the development of Ecol

History of the company Ecol

The Company was established on December 12, 1991 as a result of the restructuring of the Rybnik Power Plant.

Since 2003, after the repurchase of the Power Plant’s shares by the Company’s founders, Ecol has been exclusively a private company with only Polish capital.

Services for industry

We started our business activities by providing lubrication and repair and maintenance services for the “Rybnik” Power Plant, and distributing fuels, oils and lubricants for the power industry.

Both branches of business were systematically developed by us.

Key cleaning offer

At the same time, we expanded our offer in the field of specialized hydrodynamic cleaning services.

We owe the dynamic development in this sphere to the services of hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing of oil systems of turbine sets, hydrodynamic cleaning of rotary air and fume heaters and all installations and heat exchangers.

Distribution of LOTOS Oil

In 1993, we established cooperation with the Gdansk Refinery. The result of this cooperation was the refinery’s production and Ecol’s implementation of a new generation of Remiz turbine oils.

Ecol created an effective system of distribution and supervision of production quality, as well as an innovative system of operational supervision of turbine oils, thanks to which the offer reached the majority of power plants in Poland.

Remiz turbine oils (TU and TG), which we implemented in the Polish power industry, are still working in most Polish power plants and CHP plants today.

Opening of a modern laboratory

In 2007, the Oil Analysis Laboratory was established, specializing in lubricant tasting. The highest standards of our testing unit were confirmed by receiving accreditation No. AB 1564.

The accreditation was issued by the Polish Center for Accreditation, confirming the laboratory’s activities in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02.

Branches and representative offices

Today, Ecol employs nearly 400 people. We provide our services from several different branches of the company, located in strategic points in Poland.

We also have a sales representative office of Ecol Industrial s.r.o. located in the Czech Republic with headquarters in Vlasim near Prague, and Ecol North America LLC. based in Florida, USA.

Ecol becomes authorized distributor of ORLEN OIL

Since the beginning of 1994, Ecol has been an authorized industry distributor of LOTOS lubricants for industrial and professional power generation.

The long-term experience and reputation of Ecol as an authorized distributor of LOTOS Oil provided solid foundations on which the new partnership with ORLEN OIL was built in 2023.


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