Lubrication consulting

We offer lubrication consulting services to companies and maintenance engineers who care about improving plant operations, improving the efficiency of lubrication management, as well as implementing professional preventive measures to reduce equipment failure.

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lubrication consulting

consulting services for lubrication of machinery and equipment

We offer a high-quality lubrication consulting service for industrial machinery and equipment. We help optimize lubrication processes in industrial plants, which contributes to improved productivity and machine life. We support tribological consulting, which facilitates the proper selection of materials and lubricants.

We design lubrication management systems and offer training to improve your personnel’s knowledge of lubrication engineering and interpretation of oil test results. We help you achieve optimal lubrication results for your industrial machinery and equipment.

we provide comprehensive consulting services, including:

  • lubrication auditing – we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the lubrication condition of machinery and equipment, identifying areas for optimization. This makes it possible to optimize the lubrication process, which translates into efficiency and durability of equipment.
  • tribological consulting – we provide specialized advice on the proper selection of materials and lubricants, taking into account individual requirements and operating conditions of machines.
  • selection of lubricants – we offer expert advice in the selection of suitable lubricants, taking into account the type of application, temperature, load and operating conditions.
  • designing systems of management and organization of lubrication economy in the plant – we help design and implement effective lubrication management systems that enable effective planning, monitoring and maintenance of the lubrication process in the plant.
  • trainings on lubrication engineering – we conduct specialized training courses to improve the knowledge and skills of personnel related to lubrication engineering. As a result, workers are able to effectively take care of the proper lubrication of machinery and equipment.
  • trainings on interpreting the results of tests and oil analyses – we provide training on the interpretation of laboratory test results and lubricating oil analysis. This makes it possible to quickly diagnose the lubrication condition and take appropriate corrective action.


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