Distribution of auxiliary materials in oil management

products to combat petroleum contamination

approved supplementary products for industry

Taking care of the environment is a priority for us. We meet our customers’ needs for protection against contamination by petroleum products by offering them a top-quality assortment of sorption materials and other means of removing oil contamination.

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Ecol’s offer in this area includes:

  • agents for securing oil and gasoline spills
  • surface-active agents for degreasing surfaces
  • surface-active agents for degreasing surfaces
  • other accessories

auxiliary equipment in lubrication management

rental of oil filtration equipment

Proper lubrication management often requires additional equipment or accessories. We allow you to rent oil care equipment, including filter units or filters for oil systems from various manufacturers.

If you are not interested in purchasing equipment on your own, we suggest you take advantage of our offer to rent oil filtration and/or oil dehydration equipment, on simple and transparent terms.

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sampling accessories

Grease Thief® accessories

As the exclusive distributor of Grease Thief® products in Poland, we have a complete range of accessories and tools for sampling and proper testing.

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waste management

management of oil and other wastes

Implementation of lubrication management tasks is inseparably connected with the generation of oil waste. We offer comprehensive management of all petroleum-based waste, such as:

  1. • used oils
  2. • contaminated cleaners
  3. • used sorbents
  4. • filter cartridges

After performing the service, we issue appropriate certificates. Our activities will improve the functioning of environmental safety management processes in your plants.

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