Active foam cleaning

Active foam chemical cleaning technology binds most of the advantages of conventional mechanical methods, while reducing the disadvantages of chemical cleaning. The technology, although similar to chemical cleaning using liquid solutions, differs primarily in the state of aggregation of the cleaning medium, which is in the form of active foam.


chemical cleaning with active foam

cleaning large areas with a small amount of solution

Using active foam allows you to fill a huge space with a relatively small amount of solution. Adjusting the parameters of the cleaning medium (pH, chemical concentration) is not a major challenge, the risk of uncontrolled leakage is small, and the possible consequences are easy to control.

Thus, active foam cleaning technology can be considered safer and more cost-effective from both economic and environmental perspectives compared to traditional technologies.

Active foam consists of special dissolving ingredients, selected according to the type and amount of contamination present, as well as surfactants, which are responsible for the physical parameters of the foam and facilitate the process of dissolving deposits through wetting properties. Foam is introduced into the cleaned device by means of a system of devices, selected individually for each application.

Foam, thanks to its unique properties, evenly distributes cleaning ingredients and completely fills the cleaned space thanks to appropriately selected flows, pressures and working concentrations. In addition, the characteristic properties of foam allow to remove not only dissolved deposits but also small, loose solid contaminants.

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