Industrial oil service

We have been providing professional industrial oil service for nearly 30 years, supporting the safety and reliability of the machinery fleet. We have built our experience in heavy industry, mainly in thermal and utility power, however, the services we offer are successfully implemented in any industrial sector.


oil service offer

industrial oil service

From the experience of machine and equipment operators and users, as well as from our own service practice, we know that machine lubrication problems are very common and occur in all industrial sectors, regardless of the size and complexity of the plants. Ecol’s many years of service experience in the field of lubrication management have led to the creation of a complete range of services in this field.

Our offer of comprehensive oil and lubrication service for industrial plants is a complete package of technical and organizational solutions ensuring the most optimal lubrication conditions for machinery and equipment.

Oil and lubrication service is dedicated to demanding customers for whom the reliability and availability of the machinery park is of paramount importance. We can offer all or parts of the issues of the service offer as a “turnkey” process outsourced by the customer.

the scope of the industrial oil service includes:

  • lubrication management of the company’s entire machinery park
  • replacement and replenishment of oils and lubricants
  • care of oils in operation (filtering, dehydration, improvement of cleanliness class)
  • repair service of oil systems, lubrication installations and filtration systems
  • preparation and updating of lubrication operating instructions
  • training in lubrication knowledge for employees involved in operations and repairs
  • design and implementation of IT solutions for lubrication and fleet operation management

As part of our industrial oil and operation service, we work with brands such as:
PGE, Tauron, Orlen, NGK Ceramics, ENEA, Energa, Toyota, Saint Gomain, Bridgestone, Volkswagen, Opel, Caterpillar, SKF, ZF, Saint Gobain, Tenneco, Pilkington, Valeo, Komatsu, Samsung

industrial oil changes

We carry out lubricating and hydraulic oil changes in all industrial equipment, using specialized equipment, with the highest safety standards for people and the environment.

We specialize in both ad hoc oil change / oil filling services in machinery, as well as overhaul and full preparation of the oil system for long-term operation.

We have the knowledge and technological facilities to carry out lubrication services regardless of the scale of the project. We successfully implement oil change services, also in combination with simultaneous filtration, in any industrial sector, in equipment such as:

steam and gas turbine sets

industrial combustion engines

injection molding machines

paper machines

hydraulic presses



electro-erosion machines

industrial robots

other industrial equipment

service system

Ecol service system includes comprehensive implementation of services in outsourcing

  • Development of a program of preventive diagnostics and lubrication, maintenance and repair procedures for machinery and equipment, together with computer software for managing the developed lubrication system.

  • To organize oil and lubricant service units on the territory of the ordering parties, consisting of: – competent executive teams of personnel, – complete premises, equipment and material equipment ensuring the implementation of programmed and agreed service tasks, – logistical, research and diagnostic, technological, equipment and personnel support from other company services.

  • Execution at the ordering party of preventive and ad hoc tasks of oil and lubrication service, including: – management of lubrication management of ordering party’s machinery and equipment, – testing of oils and lubricants and diagnostics of machinery and equipment, – lubrication of machinery and equipment, including oil care treatments, – replacement of oils and lubricants in machinery and equipment, – cleaning and flushing of oil systems of steam, gas and wind turbine generators, – cleaning and flushing of oil systems of all machinery and equipment, – maintenance and overhaul of oil systems, filtration and oil care systems, – supply of oils and lubricants and other materials for the oil and lubricating service carried out, – management of used oils and waste generated during the execution of service tasks.

  • 1. Performing hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing of oil systems of steam, gas and wind turbine generators and turbocompressors in the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries at the construction of new facilities and during repairs of operating facilities. 2. Performing chemical etching of corrosion products and cleaning from deposits with water solutions and foam of pipelines, steam boilers, steam turbine condensers and all heat exchangers at construction sites of new facilities and during overhaul of facilities in operation.


industrial operation service

Ecol’s operation service – additional tasks within the framework of oil service

We provide comprehensive industrial maintenance services, specializing in a wide range of repair and modernization activities. We work to ensure optimal performance and reliability of machinery and equipment in various industries.

Our services include not only repairs and upgrades, but also regular inspection and maintenance of machines. We conduct thorough diagnostic tests using advanced techniques such as thermography, ultrasonic detection and vibration measurements to detect potential problems early and prevent serious failures.

Our goal is not only to repair and maintain machines in full working order, but also to maximize uptime, minimize downtime and ensure employee safety. That’s why we create prevention plans and service manuals that enable customers to effectively manage maintenance and keep machines in optimal working condition.

as part of the industrial oil service, we perform additional tasks:

  • modernization and current mechanical repairs
  • replacement, modification and regeneration of elements of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • service of lubricating systems
  • service and performance measurement of pumps
  • measurement of tension of transmission belts
  • measurement of bolt clearances
  • creation of prevention plans and service instructions
  • inventory of machine park
  • machine diagnostics using thermography, ultrasound detection and vibration measurements
  • video-endoscopic inspection of pipelines
  • detection of leaks in compressed air and other gas systems


benefits of Ecol’s industrial oil and operation service:

increase in operating time

extension of the operating time of machines between maintenance and oil changes

reduction of failure frequency

reduction of equipment breakdowns by significantly extending the service life of lubricated components

optimization of wear and tear

optimization of consumption and unification of lubricants

data analysis

access to a proprietary computer solution providing data digitalization and visualization – Ecol System

constant service control

current control of service activities and quick response to potential failures

increased savings

real savings resulting from the absence of unforeseen downtime due to improper lubrication


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