high operating costs and lubrication problems

clean oil systems key to reliability

Inadequate oil system cleanliness is one of the most costly, but often underestimated, problems associated with the operation of machinery and equipment.

A contaminated oil system directly translates into the risk of failure due to poor lubrication, resulting in downtime and high costs.

contamination in the oil system

the problem of oil sludge

Contaminants are created and enter oil systems during system manufacture and assembly, and during machine overhaul and operation. Contamination is also a product of the ageing of the oil itself.

During operation, contaminants are carried by the oil into the lubricated components and also settle on the internal surfaces of pipelines, radiators, tanks and other components, forming deposits and sludge.


Ecol’s technology of hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing of equipment oil systems is the only 100% effective method of preparing for operation of new and renovating used oil systems of any machinery and equipment, regardless of size and complexity.

benefits of the service

advantages of hydrodynamic oil system cleaning

Hydrodynamic oil system cleaning technology, using only pure water under high pressure, provides:

high degree of cleaning efficiency

High-pressure water loosens and removes all contaminants from the inside of the installation, including rust and any accumulated deposits

safety for the installation

the hydrodynamic cleaning process is completely safe for the protective oxide layers inside the pipeline

environmental safety

the cleaning medium is pure water only, which does not generate additional harmful waste

no risk of chemical contamination of the installation

the lack of use of chemicals poses no risk of chemical contamination of the inside of the oil system

minimise disassembly

the flexibility and length of the cleaning nozzle significantly reduces the need to dismantle the oil system

technological versatility

the large range of pipe diameters to be cleaned and the ease of adaptation of the technology in terms of water pressure selection make hydrodynamic cleaning technology one of the most versatile industrial cleaning methods


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