Thermal imaging for industry

Industrial temperature measurements of machinery and equipment using specialized thermal imaging cameras.


industrial thermal imaging surveys

temperature measurements of machinery and equipment

The method, which uses infrared spectrum analysis, allows for quick detection of temperature deviations from the norm and thus for immediate replacement of, for example, an overheating bearing, before failure even occurs.

Thermal imaging in combination with other diagnostic methods gives a complete picture about the condition of the equipment, allowing maintenance services to maintain full availability of the machinery park without the risk of unplanned downtime.

application of thermal imaging in industry

industrial thermal imaging research – possibilities of using the technology:

Inspection of electrical and mechanical systems

Detection of losses in heating and cooling systems

Detection of thermal insulation deficiencies

Monitoring the performance of heating and cooling systems

Moisture detection

benefits of thermal imaging surveys

effective monitoring and early detection of defects

Non-invasive testing technology

Technology that allows early detection of defects

No production downtime, no financial and time losses

Assistance in monitoring and planning of repairs

Detailed reports for maintenance personnel after testing

Reduced energy consumption due to heat loss detection

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