Corrosion and maintenance of equipment issues

Corrosion and maintenance of equipment issues


Corrosion and maintenance of equipment issues

corrosion problems of industrial equipment

Corrosion of industrial equipment or individual components of a power unit is a natural phenomenon, characteristic of a particular grade of material (steel, non-ferrous metals, titanium and others), depending to a very large extent on the type and parameters of the surrounding environment.

The phenomenon of corrosion accompanies equipment components from the moment of their manufacture through storage, assembly, commissioning and, ultimately, many years of operation of the generating equipment that make up the technological scheme of the power unit.

corrosion of power unit equipment and components – scope of services

Knowledge of the theoretical basis, related to the corrosion of materials, provides the basis for the development of an appropriate and optimal strategy for corrosion protection during shutdown.

  • assessment of the technical condition (corrosion, erosion) of power equipment elements, including: the impact of the environment and corrigents on the corrosion of equipment, the impact of technological regimes on the course of corrosion processes, the effectiveness of maintenance methods used
  • assessment of the state of the degree of contamination and the technical condition of the internal and external heated surfaces of boilers and other equipment operating in power equipment
  • post-failure expert opinions, including: analysis of causes of damage to elements of power equipment, failure rate analysis
  • implementation of maintenance operations on equipment during shutdown (boilers, turbines, condensation and power systems, heat exchangers, electrostatic precipitators and others)
  • development of programs of anti-corrosion protection of equipment for specific scenarios of operation of production equipment
  • selection of corrigents and inhibitors for specific water-steam, cooling and heating circuits
  • anti-corrosion passivation of new (cleaned) pipes made of copper alloys (brasses, cupronickel and others) for the period of initial operation

possible maintenance methods

The choice of maintenance method depends on the “moment of life” of the water-steam circuit component in question. Starting from fabrication, through transportation, storage, assembly and commissioning to intermittent shutdown operation.

  • wet maintenance (limiting the access of oxygen)
  • dry maintenance (limiting the access of moisture)
  • maintenance with inert gases
  • maintenance with volatile corrosion inhibitors
  • maintenance with amine compounds
  • combined methods
Corrosion of power equipment
Corrosion of power equipment


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