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diagnostics and oil changes in wind turbines

Improve the performance of your wind farm. Ecol4wind is a one-stop lubrication and consulting solution, including: lubricant supply, oil service, oil diagnostics and training and consulting services

Ecol4wind package

Ecol4wind – services and solutions for the wind industry

Ecol4wind is a complete package dedicated to wind farm owners and managers, consisting of:



lubricants for your wind farm

Our strategic partner in the supply of lubricants is ORLEN OIL, manufacturer of dedicated oils and lubricants for wind turbines, including gear oils, hydraulic oils and greases, both synthetic and mineral.

Since 1993, Ecol has continuously been an Authorized Distributor of LOTOS Oil (then Gdansk Refinery), building together with this supplier, lubricating competence and knowledge. Currently, we are one of the largest supplier of ORLEN OIL oils and lubricants to Polish industry.

oils for wind turbines

LOTOS Oil oils and lubricants are synonymous with proven, high quality modern solutions that exceed the most stringent technological standards. LOTOS Oil products stand for the highest quality and reliability, innovation and modernity, as well as technology and care for the environment.

  • AEROMIL SYNTHETIC CLP 320 is the highest quality oil dedicated to wind turbine gearboxes. This oil is based on a synthetic base, which provides exceptional thermal stability, increased resistance to oxidation and the ability to carry very high loads.
  • LOTOS AEROMIL SYNTHETIC CLP 320 meets the requirements of DIN 51517 part. 3, ISO 12925- CKD, CKSMP, AGMA 9005 F 16, ISO 3448: VG 320 and IEC 61400-04.

The unique formulation provides exceptional protection against sludge and deposit formation, keeping the system cleaner for longer, and increasing the life of the filters used. Modified, specially selected additives used in the production of AEROMIL Synthetic CLP 320 oil guarantee reliable and long-term operation of wind turbine gearboxes. A high degree of resistance to micropitting, a high viscosity index, improved deemulsifying properties, effective air release, as well as compatibility with sealing materials are additional advantages of this oil.

oil service

oil change in wind turbine gearboxes

Comprehensive service including supply of lubricants, proper application and collection and transportation of used lubricants to a disposal institution.

We use alternative technologies for the removal of aging deposits, always tailored to the individual requirements of the machine. We carry out oil changes (gear and hydraulic) in wind turbines using specialized equipment

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Ecol4wind package benefits

  • reduction of unscheduled stops

  • reducing the cost of repairs

  • extension of the service life of lubricants

  • increase the quality and efficiency of production

  • full concentration on core business

Windmill after changing the oil in the wind turbine.
Windmill after changing the oil in the wind turbine.

oil analyses

oil testing at the Ecol diagnostic laboratory

Ecol oil analysis laboratory is:

  • – Certified diagnosticians (the only CLS – Certified Lubrication Specialist certificate issued by STLE)
  • – Availability of the laboratory 24/7
  • – Dedicated test ranges for gearboxes, hydraulics, plastic lubricated systems, custom determinations
  • – Online access to reports

The highest standards of our testing unit have been confirmed by receiving accreditation No. AB 1564, issued by the Polish Center for Accreditation, as a laboratory operating in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02.

Grease Thief® lubricant testing technology

At Ecol’s oil analysis laboratory, we have implemented the world’s most modern lubricant testing method, meeting the requirements of ASTM D7718 and ASTM D7918 standards for sampling and analysis of plastic lubricants.

Grease Thief® is the only method that allows testing of grease consistency, wear, contamination, oxidation and wear particle counts, based on a grease sample weighing as little as 1 g.

The lubricant sample is taken each time from a critical and representative area thanks to patented sampling tools. The one-gram sampler allows for non-contact sample preparation in the laboratory, and the sampling process itself, ensures full reproducibility and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination of samples on the test bench.

More on Grease Thief® lubricant testing

Testing grease from a wind turbine using the grease thief method.
Testing grease from a wind turbine using the grease thief method.

consulting and training

Ecol wind farm maintenance training courses

We offer a wide range of training courses for wind farm workers related to lubrication technology, which will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective lubricant management.

Our training courses are led by experienced experts who share practical tips and best practices. We provide a friendly training environment, enabling you to learn practical skills that can be immediately applied to your daily work on a wind farm.

our training courses include:

  • Lubrication Basics Training: You will learn the basic principles of lubrication, lubricant application methods, and bearing maintenance and preservation techniques.
  • Training on applied lubricants: You’ll learn the differences between different types of lubricants, how to select the right lubricant for specific applications, and best practices for using lubricants.
  • Training on lubricant operation and sampling issues: You will learn about the most important aspects of lubricant operation and maintenance, including sampling techniques, lubricant condition analysis and lubrication performance evaluation.
  • Diagnostic Report Interpretation Training: You will learn methods for interpreting diagnostic reports that will help you understand lubrication conditions, detect potential problems and take appropriate corrective action.
  • Training on how to perform basic (on-site) tests: You will learn how to perform basic on-site lubricant tests, such as viscosity measurement, contamination level and visual analysis.
  • Training on analysis and diagnosis – case study: You will analyze study cases that will allow you to practically apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired to solve real problems related to lubrication technology.

we also provide consulting services including:

lubricant auditing

tribological consulting

selection of lubricants

designing management systems and organization of lubrication management in the plant

trainings on lubrication engineering

training in the interpretation of test results and oil analysis


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