Hydrodynamic cleaning

We specialize in industrial ultra-high pressure water cleaning services. We have more than a dozen hydrodynamic units with operating ranges from 180 to 3000 bar and water outputs from 18 to 500 l/min.

hydrodynamic cleaning – scope of services

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hydrodynamic cleaning – technology

hydrodynamic cleaning of any surface

Hydrodynamic cleaning technology is used for cleaning almost any type of surface. We are able to select the optimal parameter for a specific application and, if possible, also specialized execution tools – their task is to eliminate manual labor, which translates into safety and reduced time for a given task.

The main use of high-pressure water is to remove any contaminants adhering to the surface to be cleaned, such as rust, deposits, sludge, weld sludge and paint coatings.

hydrodynamic cleaning of industrial installations

Hydrodynamic water cleaning involves spraying water onto the surface to be cleaned at high pressures, from 150 to 300 MPa, and with high water discharges. The jet of water flowing out of appropriately selected nozzles, which has a high kinetic energy, causes any impurities associated with the surface to be cleaned to be dislodged and carried away.

Water under such pressure:

  • loosens hard and soft deposits from the surface of process plants (e.g. from the inside of pipes, inter-pipe spaces, etc.)
  • allows even completely blocked pipes to be unblocked without drilling
  • removes rust and corrosion products from metal surfaces
  • enables spark-free cutting of concrete and steel

removal of contaminants from all types of installations

The technology of hydrodynamic cleaning of technological installations and apparatus in industry makes it possible to break up or cut down scale deposits, asphalt, resin, dust and any other contaminants deposited on internal and external surfaces. The equipment and tools at our disposal enable the removal of contaminants from any type of apparatus, exchanger or process plant.

additional corrosion protection

Cleaned surfaces in many cases need to be protected against corrosion, so Ecol offers a complete package of services to protect surfaces with anti-corrosion coatings: permanent or temporary.

We provide a full hydrodynamic cleaning service for all installations both during operation and major refurbishment campaigns.


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