Transformer oil testing and electrical insulating fluids diagnostics

We provide a transformer condition assessment service based on the Transformer Condition Assessment TCA® method. This is a comprehensive assessment of the dielectric and mechanical condition of the transformer by analyzing the insulating fluid.

testing of electro-insulating fluids

benefits of regular testing of electroinsulating liquids (transformer oils) from equipment in service

Monitoring of aging processes

Monitoring aging processes of oils and their insulating and cooling

Evaluation of condition of the equipment

Evaluation Condition of a device, e.g., a transformer and its suitability for further operation operation

Diagnosis and removal of failures

Possibility Avoid failure, which often has very serious consequences economic

Management maintenance work

Planning Maintenance activities well in advance

Lower testing costs

Low Testing costs compared to electrical measurements

No Service downtime

Possibility Sampling of running equipment


transformer condition assessment

Transformer Condition Assessment (TCA®) method.

We use the Transformer Condition Assessment TCA® method to obtain the best possible source of information. The TCA® offered by Ecol is a comprehensive assessment of the dielectric and mechanical condition of a transformer by analyzing the insulating fluid. The tests include, in addition to the usual physicochemical, DGA and furan compound tests for insulating fluids, among others, a microscopic examination to better understand the problems and risks associated with continuous transformer operation.

The TCA® testing program includes:

  • • dissolved gas analysis
  • • insulation fluid quality assessment
  • • particle analysis
  • • analysis of furan compounds
  • • diagnostics
  • identification of suspended particles and sludge

    One way to obtain diagnostic information from a transformer is to identify suspended particles and sludge contained in the oil. These particles provide information about current and past processes in the transformer.

    Integrating particle analysis with traditional testing is a useful tool to help understand the mechanisms underlying transformer operation under non-standard conditions or to assess the degree of aging.

    benefits of the TCA® method

    Comprehensive diagnostics

    TCA® integrates test data, trend analysis and provides important information for managing transformer operation

    Optimize transformer use

    Information on the dielectric and mechanical condition of the transformer enables better management of its load

    Improved reliability

    Support for repair procedures and risk management leads to fewer failures and increased reliability


    physical and chemical testing of oil

    Physicochemical testing of oil includes:

    • • Evaluation of the insulating properties of the oil
    • • The degree and dynamics of moisture in the equipment’s insulation system
    • • The degree of oil aging
    • • The presence of polar oxidation products, which can lead to the formation of sludge and deposits that deteriorate heat transfer efficiency on the surface of the active part and coolers
    • • The content of acidic oxidation products of oil affecting the degradation of paper insulation
    • • Inhibitor content protecting the oil (inhibited) from rapid degradation when exposed to oxygen
    • • Effect of oil on other components of the device


    DGA testing

    dissolved gas analysis – DGA

    Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is the most useful method for detecting the initial phase of defects, the development of which can lead to equipment damage.

    DGA diagnostics, carried out on the basis of chromatographic examination of dissolved gas content, their dynamics of change as well as mutual relations, is a valuable source of information on the current technical condition of transformers, transformers, switches and other electric power equipment, in which electrical insulating fluids (mineral and silicone oils, esters) are used.

    The easiest and most effective way to assess the condition of a transformer is to test the insulating fluid. It is estimated that transformer fluid contains about 70% of the diagnostic information about a transformer.

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