Industrial bearing diagnostics

Consistent and well-thought-out industrial bearing diagnostics can avoid costly failures and downtime, and keep your machinery fleet running smoothly. As part of our industrial bearing diagnostics service, we perform lubricant tests, temperature, vibration and ultrasonic measurements.

industrial bearing diagnostics – scope of services:


lubricant diagnostics

diagnostics at Ecol analytical laboratory

We carry out lubricant diagnostic services in our own independent, accredited laboratory. Diagnostics is possible for a very wide range of devices.

Test methods have been developed for testing very small samples (as small as 1 gram), which makes it possible to cover both large (e.g., wind turbines) and smaller bearings – in the context of defining the wear parameters of the tribological node, or verifying the optimal selection of the type of lubricant for specific operating conditions.

lubricant testing

the lubricant analytical capabilities we offer include such tests as:


Droplet temperature

Elemental analysis (AES, RDE)

FTIR spectrum

Water content (KF)

PQ index


Acid number

Determination of lubricant purity

Base oil content

Oil release

Anti-wear properties (4-ball apparatus, Timken)

Analytical ferrography

Compatibility of lubricants

Analysis of oils and lubricants performed in our laboratory

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analysis of in-service lubricants

Analysis of in-service lubricants can be an essential tool for monitoring the condition of both the lubricant, the degree of its contamination, and the condition of the bearing itself.
Early symptoms of problems are successively “recorded” in the lubricants in service, and for “deciphering” such a record we use analysis and expert commentary with the diagnostician’s conclusions.

On the basis of information about the type and amount of contamination, we are able to draw conclusions about:

  • the condition of seals
  • effectiveness of filtration
  • quality of maintenance of the device

The conclusions of the diagnostician become the basis for taking corrective and preventive measures. Thus, this is very valuable information, especially in the case of equipment whose repair costs or the consequences of unplanned downtime are significant, and in cases of continuous production, the losses associated with downtime can be really huge.


temperature diagnostics

bearing temperature diagnostics

We provide a bearing temperature diagnostics service using modern thermal imaging test methods.

Thermal imaging surveys make it possible to quickly and non-invasively detect temperature deviations in a running bearing, and thus take quick preventive action before equipment failure and downtime occurs.

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ultrasound detection

ultrasound detection in bearing condition assessment

We also use diagnostics based on ultrasound detection to assess bearing condition. Specialized measuring devices record high-frequency sounds, converting them into an acoustic signal, audible to humans.

Precise measurement makes it possible to catch irregularities in the operation of the bearing and take appropriate corrective measures. Diagnostics based on ultrasonic detection thus allows to reduce repair and replacement costs, improve safety and increase production efficiency.

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