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Wholesale industrial oils Ecol. We supply oils, lubricants and auxiliary materials dedicated to oil management. We cooperate with the best manufacturers of lubricants. We are the largest Polish distributor of lubrication products for industry.

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industrial oils

wholesale of oils and greases for industry

Through an excellently developed distribution network of high-quality products for industry, we realize the supply of industrial oils, lubricants and auxiliary materials dedicated to oil management.

For years, we have been working with major lubricant manufacturers as well as highly specialized research and development centers to provide our customers with the highest level of service.

We provide attractive sales terms and full logistic service. We supply industrial lubricants along with full consulting and operation service.

tax warehouse

sales of lubricating oils under the excise tax exemption procedure

Based on the decision of the Head of the Customs Office in Rybnik and in accordance with § 6(2) of the Decree of the Minister of Finance of December 28, 2018, on excise tax exemptions, we have launched the Tax Depot in 2019.

According to the permit, Ecol can conduct business activities in storage, handling, production, entry and exit, and trade in excise goods.


The launch of the Tax Depot allowed us to sell lubricating oils to authorized entities, i.e. those consuming lubricating oils for their own use, without charging excise tax. A prerequisite for the purchase of excise-exempt products by an entity consuming these products for its own use is to register with the appropriate Head of the Customs Office and keep records of excise goods.

purchase without excise tax

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secure transportation

carriage of goods subject to monitoring (SENT)

We provide safe transportation of lubricating oils, motor fuels and heating fuels, in accordance with the Law of March 9, 2017, on the monitoring system for road and rail transport of goods and trade in heating fuels (Journal of Laws 2023, item 104), imposing an obligation to report such transport to the SENT System (System for Electronic Supervision of Transport).
The transport of so-called “sensitive” goods through the territory of the Republic of Poland is subject to such notification.

optimization of the product palette

We offer assistance and advice in the correct selection of products to meet the requirements of the device. We consult on the selection of industrial lubricants for any industry. We help you effectively manage and optimize lubrication management in your plant.

industrial oils

For years, Ecol has worked with proven manufacturers of lubricants and auxiliary materials for lubricant management. We offer products from ORLEN OIL, Fuchs, Chevron, Shell, Mobil, Total, Addinol, Quaker and many others.

Through professional storage, transportation and service solutions including oil preparation, replacement, monitoring and management of used oil, we contribute to increasing the reliability of your equipment.

industrial lubricants

We also offer industrial lubricants at wholesale – specialised products used in a wide range of industrial applications to reduce friction, provide proper lubrication and protect against wear and corrosion. The correct choice of industrial lubricant is an essential part of maintenance in industrial plants and machinery.


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