Cleaning of rotary exhaust gas heaters (ROPP/ROSS)

Automatic hydrodynamic cleaning LUVO / GAVO


regenerative rotary air heaters and flue gas coolers


Regenerative rotary air heaters (ROPP-LUVO) and flue gas coolers (ROSS-GAVO) are devices that are exposed to particularly adverse operating conditions.

The high temperature of the flue gases, mechanical impurities in the form of ash and other substances, and continuous contact with cool air, promote contamination of the heat transfer surfaces.

This results in an increase in resistance to flue gas and air flow, a deterioration in heat transfer and, consequently, a decrease in the efficiency of the appliance itself.

These unfavourable conditions result in the accumulation of deposits on heat transfer surfaces. Ashes and other substances can form a layer, which in turn leads to an increase in resistance to flue gas and air flow. This process adversely affects the efficiency of the unit, leading to a deterioration in heat transfer.

loss of productivity

reduction in heater efficiency

Reducing the efficiency of air heaters and flue gas coolers significantly reduces the efficiency of the entire boiler, ultimately generating unnecessary costs in the operation of the power unit.

These elements are key to the optimal operation of the power unit. When their output is reduced, there is a drop in the overall efficiency of the boiler. This phenomenon leads to higher operating costs, related both to higher fuel consumption and the need for more frequent repairs and maintenance.

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automatic hydrodynamic cleaning of air/fume heaters

hydrodynamic water cleaning of ROPP/ROSS fillings

The solution to the fouling problems of rotary heat exchanger baskets is the automatic hydrodynamic water cleaning of ROPP/ROSS fillings offered by Ecol.

Hydrodynamic cleaning according to Ecol technology involves remote high-pressure water spraying into the spaces between the plate packs of the exchanger ‘baskets’.

Water jets of high kinetic energy (outlet pressure 35 MPa) with a flow rate of 500 l/min flowing out of 16 nozzles detach, crush and flush the deposits from the ‘baskets’ without disturbing the thin profiled plates that make up the exchanger filling.

The automatic cleaning process is carried out remotely by means of a mobile pump unit and special equipment mounted inside the exchanger. Support beams are mounted radially on both sides of the rotor, top and bottom, with drive bogies on which the nozzle assemblies are mounted.

clean water only

  • The use of water as a cleaning agent allows all types of ROPP (ROSS) fillings to be penetrated and cleaned, including type 319 beveled profile fillings.
  • The use of water as a cleaning medium eliminates the need for environmentally hazardous chemicals.

advantages of the technology

advantages of LUVO / GAVO automatic hydrodynamic cleaning technology

high efficiency

the operating parameters of the rotary heater/cooler are restored to the nominal level

no need to dismantle the baskets

automatic, hydrodynamic cleaning does not require laborious disassembly and reassembly of heating baskets

greater security

automation of the cleaning process with high-pressure water in a closed exchanger interior increases human safety

no additional hazardous waste

the elimination of chemical cleaning agents means no negative impact on the environment

short lead time

ROPP/LUVO cleaning takes up to 24 h and ROSS/GAVO cleaning from 48 to 56 h

rapid reimbursement

improvements in boiler efficiency result in a rapid return on investment


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