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We are the exclusive Polish distributor of Fluitec, supplier of the patented Solvancer® technology – a chemical solution to the problem of varnish deposits, so-called varnishy, formed in oil systems.

Fluitec brand

Fluitec – additives in anti-varnish technology

Fluitec’s Anti-Varnish solutions are products that are completely miscible with other lubricants and do not interfere with their performance, but only improve the solubility of varnish deposits.

Fluitec brand products are effective additives whose main purpose is to increase the oil’s ability to dissolve sludge, also known as varnish. As a result, it is possible to effectively reverse the oil aging process, ensuring longer life and better performance of the oil system. Fluitec products take care of maintaining the cleanliness of the entire oil system, significantly affecting the efficiency of machinery and equipment.


Fluitec Boost VR+

Fluitec Boost VR+– the way to remove varnish

Fluitec Boost VR+ is a safe way to remove varnish and aging deposits from a lubrication system. Boost VR+ uses patented Solvencer technology that can be safely applied to oil systems where varnish deposits known as varnishes are present.

The performance of Boost VR+ is based on a unique formula that penetrates and dissolves varnish deposits, leaving the oil system optimally clean. This innovative Solvencer technology is able to effectively dissolve and remove varnish while causing no negative effects on the oil system itself.

advantages of Boost VR+

No risk, no effort, reducing costs. Fluitec Boost VR+ complements oil system flushing technology.
Fluitec Boost VR+ complements oil system flushing technology and is a safe and maintenance-free solution that reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Boost VR+ reduces the frequency of taking risky and time-consuming actions, such as disassembling, cleaning or replacing parts of the oil system. The use of Fluitec Boost VR+ avoids additional labor, saving time and resources.

advantages of Fluitec Boost VR+

  • Cleans internal system components without hindrance
  • Dissolves deposits
  • Improves MPC test results
  • No negative impact on lubricants (compatibility)
  • Reduces temperature fluctuations due to the presence of deposits
  • Does not require rinsing with chemicals
  • Does not prolong plant and equipment downtime
  • Reduces the cost of cleaning oil systems

application process

application of Boost VR+

Oil systems of gas and steam turbines

Feed water pumps

Centrifugal and axial compressors

NSF H1 compressors (food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries)

Paper machines and systems operating at elevated temperatures

shortened application process

how Fluitec Boost VR+ works

Dissolving deposits

Boost VR+, is a specialized synthetic base oil (API GV), fully compatible with turbine oils.

By enhancing the oil’s ability to dissolve sludge, Boost VR+ reverses the precipitation of aging products from the oil and cleans the oil system from within.

ESP (Electrophysical Separation Process)

If necessary, the process can be aided by an ESP unit that removes solubilized varnish from the oil, which prolongs the life of the oil and resists the appearance of further deposits.

Safety of use

Unlike other cleaners, the patented Boost VR+ technology allows to control the amount of sludge in the oil without affecting oil properties, such as resistance to emulsification, foaming, occurrence of corrosion, etc.


Solvancer® technology

Solvancer® – synthetic oil with exceptional properties

Solvancer® is an API Group V synthetic oil with unique properties – it is completely miscible with other lubricants and does not interfere with the additive system of the base oil, but only improves the solubility of deposits.

Solvancer® is a unique solution to reduce the amount of sludge formed in the oil as a result of aging by increasing the oil’s ability to dissolve it. This technology has been implemented in Fluitec’s anti-varnish products such as Boost, DECON and Infinity.


Fluitec Decon

Fluitec Decon – cleans the oil system

Fluitec Decon cleans the oil system and provides control of contaminants caused by oil aging.

  • • Provides effective cleaning of systems between oil changes.
  • • Quickly and safely dissolves organic deposits inside the machine.
  • • Improves sediment control performance in operating fluids.
  • • Long-term system protection against deposits, sludge and varnish (varnish).

  • Application: hydraulic systems, lubrication systems

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    Infinity TO 32/46 turbine oil

    Infinity TO 32/46– maximum extension of turbine oil life

    Infinity TO 32/46 (Turbine Oil), eliminates the need for additional varnish deposit removal technology during turbine oil operation. Its proprietary additive system is designed to not only capture but also neutralize degradation products, thereby avoiding deposit formation.

    After years of simulated endurance testing, Infinity TO 32/46 has created virtually no paint byproducts.

    pobierz broszurę (ENG)

    turbine oil with Fill4Life™ technology

    The Fill4Life™ program aims not only to extend the life of machinery and oils, but also to support its customers’ quality maintenance strategy by minimizing their overall costs and the amount of waste they produce.

    Fluitec believes that many industrial lubricant applications can be Fill4Life™ fluids – with maximum long life. This is achieved by minimizing contaminant ingress, removing oil degradation byproducts and replenishing sacrificial components, all while monitoring fluid condition. Fluitec’s vision is to provide proven technologies that move the industry closer to realizing Fill4Life™ lubrication.


    frequently asked questions

    • Fluitec products are additives designed to increase the oil’s ability to dissolve sludge (varnish), reverse aging processes, and keep the entire oil system clean.

    • Varnish is an oil aging product, a varnish deposit. Varnishes are initially formed in dissolved form, and when they reach the so-called “saturation point,” they transform into insoluble degradation products. They are formed at the sites of degradation or are carried by the oil within the system and deposited on its surfaces.

      Over time, some varnish deposits can thermally harden to form a hard enamel-like coating. Other types of deposits, usually in cooler areas, remain soft or rubbery, and in some cases may appear transparent and resemble grease.

    • The presence of varnish deposits is evidenced by clogged hoses, jammed valves, contaminated filters and reduced bearing clearances, which usually leads to problems with the proper operation of the entire system.

      Deposits that form on sensitive surfaces interfere with fluid flow and mechanical movement of the machine. They can also contribute to wear and corrosion or interfere with heat transfer by adhering to surfaces.

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