Cleaning of industrial coolers

Cleaning industrial coolers using active foam cleaning technology.


cleaning of industrial coolers

solutions for industrial refrigeration

A special group of equipment dedicated to the use of active foam technology are those where the volume to surface ratio is large, where the technical possibilities of filling the equipment with traditional cleaning solutions are limited, and if possible generate behind them a very large amount of waste requiring management.

These limitations are eliminated by active foam cleaning technology, which effectively removes dirt and removes the most stubborn deposits without damaging components.

During the operation of industrial coolers (fan coolers, cooling towers, air coolers), due to the prevailing operating conditions, i.e.: high temperatures, humidity and the use of different quality of circulating water in the systems, contaminants are deposited on the heat transfer surfaces.

The effect of contamination of the cooler is the deterioration of operating parameters. The contaminants restrict the flow of water through the sprinkler and cause a reduction in the performance of the cooler, resulting in the need to replace the sediment-covered and contaminated packages with new ones. During further operation, the packets become completely clogged. As a consequence of such operation, a series of failures can occur, leading to the immobilization of the cold storage plant, resulting in the need to reduce production and large financial losses.

Maintaining industrial cold storage facilities in high efficiency during their lifetime reduces operating costs. Regular cleaning of the cold storage filling contributes to prolonging the life of the packages and the replacement period for new ones.


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