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Nynas brand

transformer oils for industry

Nynas is a leading supplier of base oils and specialized petrochemical products, including transformer oils for industry, developed to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

The company was founded in 1928 and is headquartered in Sweden. It offers a wide range of products for various sectors such as automotive, energy, rubber, chemicals and many others.

Nynas transformer oils provide optimum insulation, high temperature resistance and excellent dielectric properties. Nynas transformer oils effectively protect the transformer from corrosion, oxidation and degradation, which contributes to reliable equipment operation.

Nynas NYTRO Taurus

IEC 60296 compliant transformer oil

Nynas Nytro Taurus is a high-quality transformer oil ideally suited to the needs of the electric power industry. Nynas Nytro Taurus is a high-quality transformer oil ideally suited to the needs of the electric power industry.

Developed to provide robust resistance to oil degradation, NYTRO Taurus provides good oxidative stability through natural inhibitors. This increases the possibility of a longer transformer life with less maintenance.

NYTRO Taurus has been specially developed for use in oil-filled electrical equipment – including power and distribution transformers, rectifiers, circuit breakers and switchgear.


Nynas NYTRO Taurus is a non-inhibited electrical insulating oil that meets the requirements of IEC 60296 Edition 5.0. Developed for good aging resistance, NYTRO Taurus provides good natural resistance to oxidation, which offers the possibility of extending the life of the transformer while reducing the level of servicing needed.

features and benefits of Nynas NYTRO Taurus oil:

Good heat transfer

With its low viscosity and viscosity index, the oil offers exceptionally good heat transfer characteristics, providing effective cooling of the core and windings.

Reliable oxidative stability

Developed to provide good resistance to oil degradation, NYTRO Taurus provides very good oxidative stability, which extends transformer life and minimizes maintenance.

Very good properties at low temperatures

The oil’s naphthenic properties make it possible to start the transformer at the lowest possible temperature – without the use of agents that lower the freezing point.

High resistance to oxidation

Nynas NYTRO Taurus provides very good resistance to aging. The oil has high resistance to oxidation, extending the transformer’s duty cycle while minimizing the frequency of service.

very good viscosity index

Thanks to its low viscosity index, NYTRO Taurus offers extremely good thermal conductivity. This feature is crucial for transformers, as it allows them to efficiently dissipate excess heat, which contributes to maintaining optimal operating temperatures. As a result, the transformer operates more efficiently and has a higher load carrying capacity. The low viscosity of the oil facilitates flow and reduces hydraulic resistance, further improving the transformer’s energy efficiency. As a result, NYTRO Taurus guarantees not only exceptional reliability, but also optimal operating conditions for the transformer, which has a positive impact on its performance and service life.

high insulation stability

Nynas NYTRO Taurus was specially developed for use in oil-filled electrical equipment. This product is ideal for power transformers, converters and other electrical equipment that require high-quality and reliable insulating oil. Thanks to a precise manufacturing process and carefully selected ingredients, NYTRO Taurus provides excellent insulating stability, protecting equipment from overloads, arcing and other electrical damage. The oil also has a high capacity for water separation, which protects equipment from the negative effects of moisture. Safety, reliability and optimum performance are priorities when choosing an insulating oil, which is why NYTRO Taurus is the ideal solution for professionals working in the field of electrical and power engineering.

oxidative stability

NYTRO Taurus provides very good oxidative stability, which translates into extended transformer life and minimized maintenance. Thanks to its advanced formulation, this high-quality transformer oil effectively neutralizes and prevents the formation of harmful chemicals that can lead to insulation degradation and shorten transformer life. As a result, NYTRO Taurus ensures reliable transformer operation for a long time, minimizing the need for frequent repairs and maintenance. This reduces operating costs and provides peace of mind regarding the operation of electrical equipment. Therefore, this transformer oil is recommended for professionals who value not only performance and reliability, but also minimal maintenance costs and long-term operating benefits.

Nytro Taurus meets the requirements of IEC 60296 Edition 5.0 for non-inhibited oil. Nynas classifies this product as a standard class.
Nynas NYTRO Taurus has been rigorously analyzed and passed the following corrosion tests: – ASTM D1275 method B, – IEC 62535, – DIN 51353. In accordance with IEC 60296 Edition 5.0, all additives have been reported


Nynas NYTRO Taurus – check out the frequently asked questions:

  • Yes, the Nytro Taurus is environmentally friendly. The product is biodegradable and meets strict environmental standards.

  • Nytro Taurus provides efficient cooling of transformers, effective insulation, minimizes the risk of failure, extends the life of equipment and contributes to the reliability of transformers.

  • Nynas Nytro Taurus oil is used in various types of transformers with different capacities and applications, such as power transformers, distribution transformers, power transformers and many others.

  • IEC 60296 Edition 5.0 is the international standard for insulating oils for transformers and similar equipment. The standard was developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and specifies requirements for the quality and characteristics of transformer oils.

    IEC 60296 Edition 5.0 takes into account many factors, such as thermal stability, acid value, oxidation strength, corrosion resistance and emulsivity. It also defines laboratory testing procedures, such as gas-in-oil analysis, insulation condition analysis and physicochemical testing.

    Adherence to IEC 60296 Edition 5.0 is important to ensure optimal quality and reliability of transformer oils.


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