Oil diagnosis and oil change in a hydraulic injection machine

Plant / equipment:
Automotive industry, hydraulic injection moulding machine

description of the customer’s problem

The client detected problems in the operation of one of the hydraulic injection moulding machines installed in its production facility. The machine was vibrating and its components had started to overheat.

the proposed solution

The oil diagnostics carried out revealed anomalies in the oil system. The oil cleanliness class exceeded the minimum specified by the machine manufacturer. The viscosity grade of the oil did not meet the requirements of the DTR.

Due to the inappropriate oil viscosity class in relation to that required by the machine documentation, oil filtration alone was advised against in order to improve the oil class. It was recommended that the oil be changed with cleaning of the oil tank and additional dofiltration while the machine was in operation.

Wtryskarka hydrauliczna
Wtryskarka hydrauliczna

course of implementation

The task started with emptying the injection machine’s oil system and cleaning the oil tank and all accessible parts of the system of any impurities that remained in it. The system was then filled with fresh oil through the filter unit. Once the machine was running, bypass filtration was continued until the required cleanliness class was achieved.

result achieved

Achieved purity class for control sample 17/14/11 according to ISO 4406. Vibration and machine overheating eliminated.


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