Water and chemical diagnostics

We provide comprehensive services in the field of water and chemical diagnostics, including physical and chemical measurements, optimization of water and wastewater equipment operation, operational measurements, as well as expert opinions and technical advice.

physicochemical measurements

industrial physical and chemical measurement services

Analyses of physicochemical parameters of water and wastewater

• laboratory testing of water and wastewater, performed at the authorized Ecol Chemical Analysis Laboratory

Analyses of the composition of operating sludge

• study of the quantitative and qualitative composition of deposits on the inner and outer surfaces of boiler tubes, turbine condenser tubes, heat exchanger tubes, pipelines and others

Technical condition analyses

• analyses of the technical condition of ion-exchange masses, new and in-service

Content analyses

• analyses of carbon, sulfur and hydrogen content in various materials

Technical consulting

• assistance with complex technical and analytical issues

water and chemical issues

services in the field of water and chemical problems

Development of regimes

• development of regimes and methods of chemical correction of the agent in various technological systems

Optimization of operation

• optimization of operation of water and wastewater equipment, including commissioning and operational measurements of water treatment plants

Operational measurements

• operational measurements in the field of physical and chemical operating parameters of technological systems

Water treatment technology services

• water treatment technology services for water and steam circuits, cooling circuits, district heating circuits

Start-ups and measurements

• commissioning, warranty and operational measurements of water technological systems

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