Chemical cleaning of the turbopump condenser of the 500 MWe unit

Device: Turbopump capacitor of 500 MWe unit
Construction material: brass, CuZn20AlF40
Volume of pipes including chambers: approx. 7.5 m3
Tube diameter: 28 x 1 mm
Liczba rur: ok. 1000 1000
Working medium: river water
Type of contamination: Hard sludge and biological contaminatio

the course of the cleaning process

The condenser was separated from the system using specially designed plugs installed in the cooling water outlet pipelines and plugs in the case of the cooling water inlet pipelines. Each half of the capacitor was cleaned separately.

The directions of foam flow through the piping system were changed during the process to homogenize the physicochemical conditions in the exchanger. The cleaning and neutralization process took 8 hours.

The amount of waste generated was 8.5 m3, and the results of the cleaning performed are illustrated in Figures 4-7.


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